Terms and Conditions

Please give 48 Hours Notice to cancel or make any appointment changes otherwise there may still be a charge for the full amount of training time that you have booked. Driving Instructors only get paid for the hours of training that they deliver please be considerate of this fact. If training time is booked and you fail to turn up you will still be required to pay the full price for that training time. If you refuse to pay then a bill will be sent out in the post.

If the instructor turns up to provide training at the time and date that you have requested and you change your mind whilst they are on their way around or outside your address you will still be required to pay for that amount of training time that was booked.

The Instructor reserves the right to wait for a maximum of 20 minutes if you are late for a lesson after that they may wait no longer. If the Instructor waits for 20 minutes and leaves then you will still be required to pay for the full amount of training time that was booked. If you are going to be late please notify the Instructor so as to avoid any complications – Thank you.

Any fees that are owed due to any of the above circumstances must be paid within 5 days of the lesson that should have commenced, (or that has already commenced - e.g. if you turn up and undertake a lesson knowing that you can’t pay for it you will still be required to pay for that amount of training time in full) e.g. if the training fee is first outstanding on a Monday this fee must be paid by the Saturday evening of that same week.

For each day after the 5 days that the fee is outstanding (including weekends as instructors work unsociable hours within their industry) there will be an administration charge of £2.50 per day added to the fee owed.

If after 56 days (following the first 5 days – including weekends) the fee is still outstanding then the Instructor would most likely take the matter to the small claims Court as a last resort / debt collection agency.

If you turn up extremely tired or under the influence of drink or drugs the lesson will not go ahead and you will be expected to pay for that training time in full. It is not fair to put your life or the instructor’s life or the lives of those around you at risk.

Please do not book any Training that you have no intention of turning up for as this will avoid any unnecessary complications.

Payment for lessons is by Cash or by Cheque no later than at the end of the lesson that you have undertaken on that day.

If you need a cash machine this trip will need to be made at the start of the lesson so that the instructor isn’t late for the following lesson.

Block Booking packages or Gift Vouchers have a 1 year expiry date.
Gift Vouchers have the expiry date written on them.
All the hours of the block booking package must be completed within a period of 1 year.
e.g if you paid for a 10 hour block booking and took the first lesson on 1/1/16 all of the hours must be used up by 1/1/17 otherwise they become void.

All block booking offers are 1 per customer. After that you revert to the standard hourly rate.

If you have any queries regarding the terms and conditions please feel free to email the Instructor.

Elite Driving Instructor is a ‘trading as’ name for Manchester Driver Training Ltd